Waterproof Hats

Our Waterproof Beanie Hats are equipped with advanced leakdry technology, making them windproof and waterproof while still allowing them to breath and keep you head warm in even the toughest winter conditions.


The waterproof technology is based on a 3-layer system. A waterproof membrane is inserted between 2 thin layers of fabric. This intermediate membrane prevents water from coming into contact with the skin. But it allows perspiration to escape by playing on the difference in density between water and perspiration (water vapour).

Why Both Waterproof & Breathable?

Because our membrane is made up of hydrophilic molecules that act like sponges, absorbing water. When you sweat, these molecules absorb it from your skin. Because the film is warmer and under pressure, the water vapor is conducted through the film from the inside out, while still keeping the outside waterproof. This is called waterproof breathable.