Waterproof Gloves

Our Gloves have three-layer technology for waterproof and breathability. They are 100% waterproof and draw moisture away from the hands.
The Outer Shell: 70%Polyester,20%Nylon,6%Elastic,4%Elastane Elastane, 1% Conductive Yarns
Interliner: waterproof Membrane
Inner Glove: 48%Merino wool,48% Anti-pilling acrylic,4%Elastane
And they provide protection in extreme conditions.


Waterproof technology uses a 3-layer system with a membrane between two thin fabric layers. The membrane blocks water but allows perspiration to escape. The inner layers are made of different materials ( MERINO WOOL or BAMBOO Rayon) depending on the intended use.

Know The Truth

Why Both Waterproof & Breathable?

Because our membrane is made up of hydrophilic molecules that act like sponges, absorbing water.

When you sweat, these molecules absorb it from your skin. Because the film is warmer and under pressure, the water vapor is conducted through the film from the inside out, while still keeping the outside waterproof.

This is called waterproof breathable.

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