Leakdry 3-layer system, how does it works?

Leakdry 3-layer system, how does it works?

Leakdry 3-layer system, how does it works?


The optimal clothing technique used by athletes, known as the 3-layer system, it is highly effective in wicking away perspiration, providing insulation against the cold, and protecting against rain and wind.


  • Wear-resistant and Breathable first layer

    The first layer is usually a long-sleeved, form-fitting T-shirt. This layer must be technical and more importantly breathable. The main purpose of this layer is to facilitate the transfer of sweat to the next layer and prevent it from remaining on the skin. The aim is to keep the body feeling dry and cool, so cotton fabrics with poor wicking properties must be avoided.

  • Middle Layer-Hydrophilic Waterproof Membrane second layer

The second layer is waterproof and breathable, preventing water molecules from entering the feet while at the same time discharging the water vapor inside the feet

  • Protective 3rd layer

The third layer serves as anti-bacterial and anti-odor or warmth to keep the feet warm. Therefore, leakdry uses coolmax or merino wool material in this layer. This allows users to choose the right socks according to different styles and seasons.

Adaptation is key Understanding the mechanics of the 3-layer system allows you to adapt it to your specific circumstances. For instance, if it is raining but not particularly cold, removing the 2nd layer might be beneficial. On the other hand, if the weather is very cold but pleasant, removing the 3rd layer may be appropriate. Flexibility is vital in tailoring the system to your needs.

It is crucial to bear in mind the principles of the 3-layer system, which involve perspiration evacuation to the outer layers, insulation to retain heat within the intermediate layers, and protection from the external elements through the 3rd layer. The order in which the layers are worn is essential and should be adhered to accordingly.

LEAKDRY offers a comprehensive range of technically advanced garments that embrace the principles of the 3-layer system.


  Designed to enhance your outdoor experience, Leakdry products prioritize breathability, moisture-wicking, insulation, and protection against the elements. Whether you are engaged in high-intensity activities or leisurely adventures, Leakdry ensures your comfort, performance, and adaptability in any weather condition.

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