Stay dry and cozy with our waterproof socks, beanie, and gloves.

Perfect for outdoor adventures!


Leakdry Waterproof Gear

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We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

Simply the best all-season trainers on the market right now. Perfect foryear-round use, rain or shine, whatever you get up to in the outdoors!

Anthony Donald

'Love the product my wife got me this set for my birthday. She messaged on the website and it sounds like you guys are sending a new set as gift? I think that is amazing customer service i think maybe a longer sock would be a good idea something that comes up higher than the ankle to help keep water from going over the top but otherwise amazing product!!!' Awsome! thank you very much you guys are the best! Hands down best customer service i have ever had i will be a return customer!

Blaize Jones | Can~Am Outlander 1Kr XTP

I always get a buzz stepping into these waterproof socks - they are somecomfy! I always get asked where I got them from when I wear them!

Tammy Green

I have had these socks for two months and testing them out. In short for the people that don't like to read long informing reviews, yes these socks will keep your feet dry and if you want an affordable waterproof sock these will work.

Goodrows Adventures

Leakdry outdoor waterproof knne high socks are a must-have! They keep my feet dry in any weather by playing ATV sports, are super comfortable, and highly breathable.
Highly recommended!


Wish I had these when I was younger working in construction. Had surgery on foot play golf just wearing these no shoes worked fantastic walk-through standing water feet did not get wet.

James H.