Keeping your feet dry is just the beginning; their supreme compression knit offers remarkable leg support, minimizing swelling and fatigue during demanding races.

Thermal-Lite Box - Merino Wool Limited

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The Coolmax inner lining wicks away moisture, ensuring your feet receive the care they deserve. Whether you're walking your dog, cycling, commuting, or camping, these socks have got you covered.

LEAKDRY Dri-Nit Adventure Box

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Yes, you read that right! The exterior of these socks is crafted from over a dozen recycled plastic bottles, transformed through innovative recycling processes.

LEAKDRY Dri-Nit ECO-Trail Box

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Ankle lengthLightweightthin but also incredibly comfortablebamboo fiber material inside offers antibacterial and odor-resistant properties

LEAKDRY Dri-Nit Ultra Crossing Box

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Best Waterproof Gears For Outdoor Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

How many are they & What's the different?

3PCS in a Box.

Every socks has an waterproof 3-layer-tech.

For Example:

LEAKDRY Dri-Nit Ultra Crossing Box

- Light Blue - For Daily Sports (Daily Running..)

- Black - For Any Water Adventures

- Dark Blue - For Advanced & Deep Trainning

What's the Shipping Time to My Country?

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  • Generally Our Free Shipping time is 7-10 Business Days
  • If deliver to the United states & Canada do not need pay extra taxes and shipping fees. (Choosing the Free Shipping)
  • Leakdry Forever Guarantee