Waders size

Take your waist and hip measurements. Choose the largest girth. Measure the inseam from crotch to ankle. If you are looking for ATV waders, add from 0.8 to 1.2 inches / from 2 to 3 centimeters to your inseam measurement.

Match the measurements to the size chart.

* When measuring the hip girth, place a tape measure around your body at the top of your hip bone.

This is usually at the level of your belly button.

Male Size Chart

1. Height Stand straight with back flat against the wall, keeping the chin parallel to the floor. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of your head.

2. Chest Wrap the tape measure under the armpits across the widest part of your chest.

3. Waist Stand up straight. Find the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips. Wrap the tape measure at a level halfway between them. Make sure it’s pulled tight, but isn’t digging into your skin.

4. Hips Place your feet together. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips. 5.Inseam Measure the length between your crotch and the bottom of your ankle (or the expected bottom of pants).

6. Sleeve Measure from the center back of your neck (at your spine) along your shoulder and elbow to the wrist.

7. Foot length measure to measure the length from the heel to the longest point of the toe. Choose a size that is equal to or greater than the closest to the foot length.


EU US Height Waist/Hips Inseam
xs xxs 160-168 86-96 71-77
s xs 165-173 90-102 74-80
m s 170-178 98-108 77-83
ml sl 180-188 98-108 83-89
mk sk 170-178 110-122 77-83
l m 175-183 102-114 80-86
ll ml 185-193 102-114 86-92
lk mk 175-183 118-130 80-86
xl l 180-188 110-122 83-89
xll ll 195-203 110-122 91-98
xlk lk 180-188 126-136 83-89
xxl xl 185-193 118-130 86-92
xxlk xlk 185-193 134-144 86-92
XXXL XXL 190-198 126-138 89-95