LEAKDRY Dri-Nit Adventure Box

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 The LEAKDRY Dri-Nit Adventure Box is your perfect companion for any outdoor activity. These waterproof socks features a stylish design with 3 color options, Black, Grey, and Light Green, which with the fast moisture transfer performance inner to keep dry comfort, and anti bacterial function to reduce bad odour.

 And its waterproof construction lets you explore lakes, rivers, and waterfalls without worrying about wet feet

 Get ready for a truly memorable experience!

Color: Black, Grey, Blue
Total Gravity: 300G
Thickness: Ultra Light Weight

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Key Features
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Keep Warm
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Moisture-Wicking

Interlining: waterproof & breathable membrane

Inner: 70% bamboo; 30% nylon

Outer: 98% nylon; 2% elatic

Wash Care

Care&Notes for Waterproof Socks:

Waterproof socks are waterproof from the toe to just below the cuff of the sock.

Don't submerge the sock cuffs in water. Always wear waterproof socks inside your footwear. Do not puncture the membrane. 

Don't leave them in the sun for several weeks. One or two days is enough.Hand wash or machine wash below 40℃.Drip dry.

Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

100% Waterproof Tech

Our waterproof technology is based on a 3-layer system. This intermediate waterproof membrane prevents water to the skin. But it allows perspiration to escape by playing on the difference in density between water and perspiration (water vapour). 

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Three Layer System

LEAKDRY 3-layer system is a technique of clothing used by all athletes. This technique makes it possible to evacuate perspiration, to resist the cold and to be protected from the rain and the wind.

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Stylish & Classic Sport Design

The combination of green and black achieves a combination of fashion and classic colors, suitable for daily use and doing sports surprises

Visible Breathability!

Our hydrophilic (water-loving) membrane has a solid structure. This is the key to the consistency of its properties in performance. The solid structure stops penetration of water droplets but then breathes by absorbing water molecules in the vapour phase. 


Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from natural bamboo and is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool, and silk. Bamboo fiber has excellent breathability, instant water absorption, and good dyeing properties.


Coolmax FX is a functional yarn with a high-efficiency moisture-wicking system based on fibers. This system can transport sweat away from the body and clothing, and quickly evaporate it through the fabric, providing a cool and comfortable sensation for the wearer.

Frequent Ask Question

Will Leakdry products keep me warm as well as waterproof?

Yes. All of our products are using a 3-layer construction. This keeps them warmer and with the windproof and waterproof membrane it will keep you element repellent and warm.

Are Leakdry products both breathable and waterproof?

Leakdry inner membrane is a waterproof and breathable technology. In addition, the inner layer is made of bamboo fibers or merino wool (depending on the model), two very effective materials for wicking away perspiration.

Do Leakdry products require any special waterproofing treatment?

No, our membrane is a permanent waterproof barrier which doesn't require treatment to maintain or restore its waterproofness.

I'm between shoe sizes, how to choose your waterproof socks?

What we recommend when it comes to picking the perfect sock, is if you are in between size, that you choose the larger size for male, and the smaller size for female.